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Team Ruck is a Long Island, New York based organization focused on the fitness activity and military-inspired sport of rucking.  Team Ruck's purpose is to link together like-minded individuals who are enthusiastic about or want to learn about rucking and training for team-based and other endurance events.  A further goal of Team Ruck is to raise awareness for various causes and engage in other philanthropic endeavors.  A desired byproduct of assembling this unified group is to create an environment and culture of camaraderie amongst the team members and to foster friendships that transcend rucking and enter the realm of social. 



TR'S Weekly Ruck & Training

Beginning in January, 2018, Team Ruck will, on a weekly basis, post its schedule for ruck and fitness training.  This training is open to the public and is a perfect opportunity to break into the sport of rucking and train for either personal gratification or for upcoming events.  All formally structured and organized events are listed on our events page.

Gear Reviews

Frequently, we are asked what the "best" gear is for rucking.  Our mission at Team Ruck is to provide unbiased reviews of products and to make recommendations based on sheer quality as opposed to disingenuously promoting a certain product merely because we have some proverbial "skin in the game."  Rest assured, we have absolutely no motivation in promoting any particular product.  Any product that we promote or sell in our store we use ourselves on a daily basis because we feel it is superior to the competition.