TR'S Physical Fitness Test/Challenge
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TR'S Physical Fitness Test/Challenge

The United States Army created the Expert Infantry Badge ("EIB") by executive order in November, 1943 during World War II.  Currently, the EIB is awarded to U.S. Army personnel who hold infantry or special forces military occupational specialties.  To be awarded the EIB, a soldier must complete a number of prerequisites and pass a battery of tests on basic infantry skills over the course of a few days.  In addition to weapon qualification, land navigation and lane or station testing, the soldier must score at least 80% in each event for their appropriate age group on the Army Physical Fitness Test ("APFT") and complete a 12-mile ruck march, carrying an M4 and a 35 lb. load, within 3 hours.

Keeping with the standards and the spirit of the achievements necessary to earn the Army's EIB, Team Ruck has designed an event that is offered twice annually (one in March and one in September) that gives the civilian population an opportunity to test their physical and mental fitness.

The first component of the TR Physical Fitness Test/Challenge is the APFT which consists of the following: (1) 2 minutes to perform the maximum number of repetitions of push-ups; (2) 2 minutes to perform the maximum number of repetitions of sit-ups; and (3) a 2-mile run.

Provided the participant passes the APFT (obtaining a minimum score of 60 in each of the 3 events), they then move on to the second component of the TR Physical Fitness Test/Challenge which is a 12-mile ruck, carrying a 30 lb. load, that must be completed within 3 hours.

Upon successful completion of the APFT and the ruck, a Team Ruck Civilian Badge and a few frosty cold ones will be awarded to the participants!  For the die-hard participants, a Team Ruck Expert Civilian Badge can be earned by achieving a minimum score of 80 in each of the three APFT tests and completing the 12-mile ruck within 3 hours carrying a load of 45 lb.

The following link is a copy of the Department of the Army's Form 705 which sets forth the applicable standards based upon age and gender for the APFT. (

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